Dear Friends:

I am well aware of the distance I have created between us owing to a plethora of challenges reflecting both the” best of times and the worst of times” in my life. Nonetheless, I am committing to being in contact with you all more frequently and to that end please also stay in touch.

On a very positive note, I have received credentialing in speaking and demonstrating by the Spiritualist National Union. It was a lengthy and intense assessment process and I am thankful to Spirit and guides for standing and supporting me through the process.

My message this month was originally focused on the astrological theme of “Mercury in Retrograde” and perhaps reframing some of the communication, travel, and other conflicts as possible opportunities. I have often shared with you the importance of retaining your personal power under a myriad of circumstances and to that end this current time is no different. Consider developing a toolbox of strategies designed to cope with travel delays and devise ideas to communicate more effectively with others. Take a step back, and take a deep breath when you find yourself and others deep in the mire of confused communication.

However, I would be highly remised if I did not mention the current horrific events in New Zealand where so many have lost their lives while praying in their mosque. I am reminded of so many instances where people were in their houses of worship and found themselves being shot and killed. Do you recall the murders in a Charleston, South Carolina church or the four little girls who were killed due to the bombing of their church. We can feel a sense of powerlessness and helplessness as we think about these awful circumstances or perhaps consider ways in which we can positively impact these types of events.

If you find yourself in feeling disempowered, upset or needing direction during these challenging times, where there may also be an impact on your personal lives, please consider a personal reading with me. In the event you mention you are a member of my online community I will deduct ten per cent. Feel free to contact me at

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