Gifted, Sensitive. Sincere. Lorna is truly one of the world's Earth Angels.

Tony Stockwell - World Renowned, Psychic Medium Teacher, and much more.
Even though you sat on the other side of the room, I honestly can say I felt the Love vibration from your beautiful heart, I am so honored to meet you xo and you are a blessing to this world. Meeting Lorna is like meeting authentic love. It exuberates from her so strongly.

Larry Lasta - Fellow Medium and Healer

Dearest Lorna:
Once again your loving ways have so deeply touched my heart beyond words. A profound healing has come to me today because of that reading you gave me about my dad. I am still working it out of my mind tonight and I am sure in the days to come. You are my earth angel friend. You are always in my prayers. With great love and deep appreciation for the blessings you gave me today.

Maria Forland - Fellow Medium, Spirit Artist and Healer

I was given the gift to look deeply into her soul, and found myself speechless, unable to process the depth and intensity of ancient wisdom residing there. I was blessed and humbled by the experience..a brief glimpse of the profound.. a connection to the Divine.

A description of Lorna by Jeanette Stahl

I met Lorna J Hines several years ago when she made an appointment for a reading. As soon as I looked within her energy field I saw that she was extremely intuitive and had mediumship abilities. She was born with these abilities and she didn’t shut down like so many people do by the time they are 5 years old.

It has been wonderful to personally witness Lorna take that next step and offer her unique intuitive abilities to people. She has a unique ability to combine her training in her psychology and blend it with her intuitive abilities to help. Not only does she give a client an amazing reading so healings and releasing blocks for a client but the client literally leaves the session with a higher vibration (more light).

I am honored to recommend Lorna to anyone looking for any kind of reading.

Namaste, Kerrie

Kerrie O’Connor Internationally known Psychic Medium & Healer

It gives me a great deal of pleasure and honor to write this review of my most recent trance healing session with Lorna J. Hines. Let me preference this with sharing with you that my session with Lorna was the most powerful of those that I have had in the past with internationally acclaimed trance healers/medical intuits. Seeking spiritual information connected with my situation, I provided Lorna with a recent diagnosis, and no details. In the session, spirit helpers/healers revealed to Lorna details of my condition, routine health practices, long standing relationship issues, and career concerns, all of which she had no prior knowledge and which impact my health were revealed. The evidence was so striking that I was able to confirm it all. As a bonus, family members in the spirit world appeared to give their blessings and encouragement. One of the most meaningful aspects of the session was the conveyed suggestions on what I can personally do to support my healing. With deepest respect and gratitude, I thank you, Lorna, for the work that you carry forth with the spirit world in such a compassionate, professional and empowering way.


Today I received an amazing Trance Healing from Lorna, for which I am very grateful. It was uplifting, affirming, and inspirational. I was given clear suggestions for ways to raise my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual vibrations, on my path to overall health. Lorna also brought through, in several evidential ways, Spirit’s unconditional love and guidance. I recommend her Trance Healing for anyone searching for guidance and healing.

Debra Wilkins

Lorna I truly needed to take a minute and Thank you again for your class! Without meeting you & truly understanding Inspirational Speaking I could have never done my daughter's service! It was the most beautiful experience to have spirit speak thru me to be in me & do the work for me to be able to groundf & touch every person in the room! You are an amazing soul & I am Blessed & thankful to call you my friend! Much love to you & yours nothing but Love & Light

Buffy Roman Fox

As someone who had their doubts about mediumship, those doubts and fears were diminished once I sat down. Lorna’s warm, nurturing energy calmed my spirit immediately. She was able to connect with my loved ones effortlessly. The spiritual reading was fulfilling, provided affirmation and closure. It allowed me to connect with loves ones who I often worried about, miss immensely and long to see again. Hearing from them and knowing that they are always with me was uplifting.

L Walker

Lorna is a gifted Intuitive, medium, empathy and spiritual counsellor. She has devoted her life to assisting thousands of people with their healing journey and the world is blessed to have such a present and compassionate healer. I am grateful to have her share her talents with me through numerous distance readings. She has a rare ability to so quickly find the simple core truth of an issue while providing concrete, understandable and attainable solutions. Lorna is a powerful force of light holding such love, strength and compassion. I always feel that I am in good hands with her. She holds a spiritual truth and gifts yet is also very grounded in the material world. I am so thankful Lorna has helped me see my own power and ability and supported me in making greater steps in my career and living my talents in the world. I easily recommend her to others and I am so grateful for her assistance on this journey. I look forward to her continued guidance and support.

Tonya L

I initially was not sure if the phone development circle was going to work for me. The guidance and mentoring you give is with love and always in a reassuring manor. I feel your respect of each one of us as individuals.

Mary B

Thank you Lorna for helping me on my journey through life. Over the past years and our many sessions together, you have helped me get perspective on my situations. With your mediumship skills and gentle guidance, I feel I have gotten past many blocks that I could not have seen without your help. With your encouragement, I continue to grow and expand my spiritual life.

Lynn Parli