Holy Glory Dancing Singing Beyond Death

Among many erudite and spiritual folks much smarter than I
In the like of Chopkra, Tole, Beckwith, and many others
Even Mathew, Mark, Luke and Paul
Perhaps others beyond my eye

The issue of our transition to death
Has met much pontification, discourse, discussion and
Alas I must sigh
Causes I’ve struggled with more questions than answers
Since I was knee high

I have read with much admiration and glee
These spiritual men and women who I think
Are much smarter than me

I have not missed an Easter celebration
Since the day I was born
The shouting of Alleluia at the rising of the Messiah
Was a significant even after 40 days of morn

In the course of my years upon this beautiful earth
I like so many
Have been granted the opportunity to face life’s circles
The ins and outs ups and downs
Which have surely engendered my mirth

I like many others
Screamed amen at the thought of resurrection
Never fully understanding
The multidimensionality of ascension

It was only a recent day or so
That I came to terms
With the truth and the light
That death is no longer a foe

Now let me be clear
I am not acting in blaspheme
Or urging bad things to happen
Among those whose souls and hearts
Make an inner glean

What I am saying is more prophetic than not
And I truly hope it helps
Many among us
Who have found that in death
That’s when it all stops

Some of the smart folks
I have referenced before
Have guided and focused me
Towards the gifts God had in store

I speak truly when I say
I did not know I had them
Till and inner voice repeated
Lorna, let’s get started
Whatever come may

I say with humility at best
That I was fortunate to find out
That Spirit wanted me to channel
The thoughts feelings and ideas
Of those who live in other dimensions
As honored guests

And so that spiritual group of Goddesses
Whose paths I was fortunate to cross
Told me it was time
To put my feet to the pedal
And own what Spirit has given me
Without an overwrought

Please believe me when I say
I have learnt so much
On many a given day

But what has happened this past week
Surely can be told
Much easier than you think

The veil between life and death is
Much thinner than you think

The veil between life and death is
Much thinner than you think
Why else would it be so easy
For a Black girl like me to speak

Death is surely not the end
And perhaps we have been sold
A bunch of garbage
Thinking sadly of what was
And what will not be
Oh Lord What have we been told?

So let’s give power to the continuance of
The Soul’s Spirit
That surely does not end
When the body is no more
And there is no possibility of mend

I need to continue to live my life
Find joy, singing, dancing
And shouting
Cause the spirit is eternal

Now I don’t want you to think
That with these words I have uttered
I have figured out how not to be sad
When folks that I love
Have crossed over without a mutter

But surely I will try to prepare myself
For the time
Will surely come
But we all must remember
That life is eternal, joyous, and fine
And that I’m sure is a feeling that’s mine

Lorna J Hines
December 9/10, 2010

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