Unravelling Understanding

I struggled far and wide with a particular situation
Which at times caused medical and physical distress
Sadness, despair leading me to feel quite the mess

I searched far and wide for answers and resolve
Asking questions, reading, praying, and asking
Our Dear Father
In a manner some may say is bold

This is another personal situation
That through internal churning
Up and down in and out
That at last I gave birth
To the following notation

These written ramblings of mine
In principle are sojourns
Of healing resolve and peace
And a spiritual opportunity to let conflict cease

I have spoken to many with pain
Of the very personal decision
One of my blood kin
Decided to make without gain

When I first learned of her transition
I cried both inside and out
Conflicted with powerlessness, horror, guilt and pain
Not understanding what she had to gain

I felt left out
Put out
Of circumstances I could not fully understand
I could not find solace in spite of the demand

At a later date I could not recall
That I did not fully
Grant myself the opportunity to remember
The multiple blood kin losses
That occurred well before September

Please keep in mind
That if an individual might ask
Do you believe a person has the right
To live their life with all their might
I would be the first on line
To vote a resounding yes
Using a Nordstrom’s bought pen
That writes so fine

And so I think Our Dear Savior
Has taught me a lesson or two
In the importance of so many things
That I most sincerely must do

I pray you are healed
As you read these confusing words
As unraveling understanding
Is like the process of eating a fine meal

Take a lot of time
Enjoy the courses
Savor the tastes, both the bitter and the sweet
And acknowledge and honor the greater forces.

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