Healing Soul Murder

Much to my surprise
My soul mate and twin flame
Uttered these important words
At a woman’s group enterprise

This was not the first time
That she had uttered these words which made me quake
I first heard them from her
In books, interviews, and even on tape

I continue to thank her and send love during my nightly prayers
For her courage, fortitude and strength
Which has provided the impetus
For countless others to share.

She said she stopped talking after her attack
There are so many among us who also lost their voice
The fears of shame, further attacks and all kinds of abuse
Erected a plaque that said you better get back jack!

It might be hard for you to believe
That many under my care as their helper and healer
Had also shared similar words
All focused on their attempt at ease

This treatise is an attempt
To describe and share
A horrific experience
That my divine sisters helped to define
In the course of our mutual prayer

I thanked and gave them love at the time
Not realizing at that point
That I would seize a moment
To share a tale that was mine.

The numbers only tell a part of the story
When they say one in three
But what does that really mean
To you and to me ?

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