Ordinary People Extraordinary Deeds

I have exerted my poetic license
Based on my age, status and this venue
To capture and describe with sense
The extraordinary career and life
During Yvonne’s current debut

The title of this poem has been advertised
By the likes of another brown-skinned sister
Who was affectionately called Candy
By a Texan who is now called Mister

In most instances, situations and scenes
The media, newspapers, radio, TV and magazines
Focus on many exploits
Murders, rapes, robberies, and let’s not forget
The Housewives in DC!

The usual pursuit
Year after year
Is to forget the positive exploits
Getting rid of them with a shear

So I decided as I
Approached my senior years
To do what I think is important
And not to shed too many tears

There is one among us who was born is Philly
Who was imbued with passion and commitment
Moral fortitude, resolve, and a beautiful scent of Lily
Who decided to tear down all the walls of neglect
And didn’t care if they called her silly!

I had the pleasure of making her acquaintance
Working beside, behind and above
And her passion fueled mine
Please believe she ain’t no dove

She speaks for the needs of many with no voice
Articulating their desires and needs
With intensity, mother wit, good sense and doing good deeds
If I were rich and famous, I would buy her a Rolls Royce

And like so many
Who are soldiers in the war against stigma
She never let us know
When there were wounds within her

So now its’ time for a well deserved rest
For this valiant soldier
Who passed every test

Although we bid her
Goodbye and God’s speed
She leaves behind
Boxes and barrels of skill, ethical and moral seeds

My wish and hope
Is that she finds the time to rest
Renew and revive
And prepare for life’s
Next test!

And so I bid farewell
And Adieu to my fellow soldier
In this war
Assuring her the existence of lot’s more!

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