You Are Perfect

I heard these illustrious words uttered
I supposed it does not matter
Whether it was radio, television
Or, whether the words were articulately
Spoken or muttered

The significance of the words
Had less to do with the author
And much more to do
With some camels, mammals
And other herds

I wondered with awe and determination
About the situation and venue
And perhaps even the nation

Was it here or there?
North or West
East or South
Or some still unknown place
In our vast hemisphere

However the importance
Has more to do
With the meaning and significance
More for me than you

As a young child growing up
In the fertile Mecca of the now
South Bronx, County of the Kings
And yes the vast village of Harlem
I was assured that I possessed the
Undeniable stamp
Of the right stuff!

This poem’s significance
May not be important to
Joe, May or Sue
But I respectfully beg you
To Listen as my heart strings
Mutter This Important
I Love you!

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