The Awaited Promise

This particular poem will posit a significant challenge
Cause I am a bit conflicted and unfocused
During this critical juncture
That has spanned a whole life time
Of gestation culminating in a wonderful metamorphosis

In the past I have written in rhyme
However, given the intense challenge of this important time
I will write quickly whatever comes forth
From the inner depths of an expansive mind

As a child and somewhat also as I matured
The concept of time has been met
With an ambivalent overture
I have often been the one to resist waiting
Especially in the venue of distinctive mating

Of significance is I admit to being a planner
Liking to anticipate the unlikely
But more often than not
Have not done things in a planful way
Always trusting in the power, caring and compassion
Of the Divine Spirit
Who will always have his/her way

It is with that trust and confidence in mind
That I will seize this critical time
To live life as I see it
Doing better of loving, forgiving, and trusting myself
Helping others, doing good deeds, not based on merits
And strengthening my belief in a Loving and Bountiful Spirit

This gestation that I previously referenced
With all of my might
Started long ago perhaps several lifetimes
But this recent one that I chose
Supported my birth enveloped
In a multidimensional aura of
A rainbow of fragrant roses, crystals and golden light
And the oh so gentle hum of OM

As so as the circle of life proceeds
There have been spans of time
That reflects the continuum of life’s highs and lows
There have been times of many tears that flowed
Whether in time of blissful joys or many lows

I am told and believe with all of my hear t
That this neonate which is about to be delivered
Will be ushered into a life of blue skies, bright sun
And happiness beyond belief
Perhaps with a moment or two of serenity and peace

I also have been told by many whose opinions and beliefs I trust
That I have been imbued and infused
With the Golden Light
Of the Spirit, Helpers, Healers and Guides
Who have entrusted me with all of their might

So I have obtained a great resolve
Rather than fill my life with despair, impatience and
Standing still

Awaiting what I know will eventually come
When the divine alignment and rush
Of breaking water and cries of
Life are ushered in

To do what I know is best
To live life, to love, pray and help others,
And know that the inevitable will soon come
A bountiful and beautiful harvest, a cornucopia of successes
That will fulfill my life with zest!

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