St Lucia Calls

This poem despite it’s’ name
Does not purport to extol or support
The customary verbiage espoused by the tourist industry
Regarding an individual Caribbean Islands’ fame

I had the good fortune
To be taught to hear my inner voice
Which in retrospect emanates
From Our Lords’ wisdom and plan
In spite of our choice

St Lucia called me
I am not completely sure why
But when I suggested this venue
To my beloved spouse
He did not utter a cry

When we arrived after a lengthy ride
It was not love at first sight
As the islands’ general demeanor
Was not in line with
My minds’ culinary delights

A gentle rain slowly fell
There were clouds
No hint of sun
And at that point
I was not sure we would have fun

I am certain there was some secret nectar
Administered to known visitors, which permeated
Mind, body and spirit
Which was specially brewed with a charm that said
Protect her!

As we journeyed from south to north
Moving carefully through the maze of roads,
Breathe taking foliage, and views
Guided by our esteemed driver and navigator
We placed our faith and trust as he drove among the mews

We looked in wonderment
At the mountains, oceans, and spectacular sights
That we tried to hold onto
With all of our might

Once arriving at our seven day home
We scanned the beauty of this venue
The resorts’ staff focused on the dinner menu
We were offered delicious rum punch
But not one thing to munch

I continued to focus on the positives
Secretly praying that I not wrong
Again trusting that inner voice
Which articulated a melodious song

Dear heart as you read this written expression
Please keep this thought in mind
That often than not
Don’t be mindful of your first impression

This islands’ spectacular beauty and charm
Impacted us more than you can imagine
It helped to initiate a personal metamorphosis
That continues to this day
To insulate me from the negative effects of harm

I can’t begin to even describe
The sights smells and sounds
That reeked of the multicultural and diverse hands
Of Africa, France, England and other lands

I want you to ride with me as I recalled a simple voyage
With the bright and beautiful sun in the blue sky
Destine to the ports of Castries, Marigot, Soufriere, and the mineral baths
Riding along with a gentle breeze that caressed by shoulders
Ever so slowly as if making love in between the boulders

I would be remiss if I did not recall
The sensual taste of mackerel, cod fish, pork and fruits
So delicious and tasty
I am currently seeking a way to pursuit

The highlights of this wonderful journey
Are too numerous to recall
The warm and friendly black and brown faces
Said it all

If the opportunity exists
For you and yours to seek a piece of heaven
Amidst the stress and strains of the things we must to
Only to seek a way to persist

Please listen to your inner voice
God speaks to us all
You will have to be quiet
Cause I am certain of this
St Lucia should be in your midst.

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