Poem for Ms Maya from an ardent admirer

(In recognition of a long one sided loving relationship)
By Lorna Hines-Cunningham

Let me say at the onset
That my skills and talents as a poet
Are not dependent on
Instruction, Teaching or erudite
Professor’s Mind Set

I have never had or want
An academic course
On creative writing, poetry
Or other schools of thought

My rational fear dictates
That the adage “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”
Represents my heart and mindset mandate

I speak to you Dear Heart
And all others
In the course of this written expression
From the depths of my mind,
Heart and soul’s progression

I hope to articulate my feelings
About you
With understanding and passion
Filled with cascading hues of blue

Poems for me are like giving birth
And Lord knows I have had my share
Cause with the three I had
I surely felt no mirth

Dear Ms. Maya, who would have known
That among the billions of people on earth
There would be one among them
Besides your immediate kin (Bailey, Grandma, uncle, Mrs. Baxter, your son etc)
Who has been imbued with all the knowledge.
Concepts and emotions you have communicated within

You have said on countless times
That your Mom, Brother and others
Have been your greatest fans
But did you know I count myself among them
That you are totally and unconditionally mine?

You may not know that I have rocked and rolled
With the lyrics and rhythms of the Phenomenal Woman
Found hope and inspiration in Still I Rise
And moreover have helped many others with
Your long and illustrious life guise

You cannot possible know how special it was
As I sat alone on a warm summer’s night
In New Ark’s fair city as you recited
Langston, your life’s struggle, with all of
Your might.

Your tears and mine found a way to intermingle
Cause I just knew you were talking
To Me
And I knew then as I know now
That the work of Providence
Would cause my eyes to twinkle

May I join the countless others who
You have identified as your daughters?
Although I truly believe that our Savior
Has already bequeath you as my long
Distance and long awaited Mother

I thank God for your life
The sense of empowerment, hope and balm
That you have given so much to others
Without ever knowing the psalms you have spoken
Have soothed so many who were broken

I can go on forever as this poem has gestated and developed
It did not take nine months like my children who grew
Dear Ms Maya please accept my passionate
And heartfelt plea to keep on keeping on
For the sons and daughters throughout the world
Who you do not know but do know
And have blossomed as rich and beautiful flowers
Cause you have loved us so!

I am hesitate to say adieu
And there may be those who will
Say Please Stop because you think
You are a poet but I would really
Like to go on and on
About how much
I love you

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