Death Surrounds Me

There maybe readers of this heartfelt song
Who maybe distanced by reading on
Due to a title that seem forlorn
But will you please read on?

Have you ever felt
Whether you turned
Left to right
Right to left
Up or down
In or out
The shadow of the Grim Reaper
Was so intense
That surely you would melt

These thoughts, feelings, sentiments and stirrings
Have been within my inner realm
Gently whispering and providing gentle murmuring
Speaking from a dimension wide and far away
Saying Lorna dear sister it is time to give birth
With a gentle luring

And I would be greatly remised
If I also did not say with glee
That my divine sisters
Have also prodded, planted seeds
And said it’s not about me!

How is it that I have moved
From my years of childbearing, child raising
Cooking, cleaning, and many nights without sleep
To this era of my life
Where many of those around me
Have death who they will meet

It is ironic for me to recall
That as I write these words
Which may be therapeutic
To one and all

It is of no use for me to holla
I am not ready to confront
This challenge without fear
Cause baby it is surely here!

There are so many times that my anxieties propel me
Do I go here or do I go there?
Do I do this or do I do that?
This will help no it will not
I need some cash that I don’t have
I need help from so many
Who do not see!
Oh Lord please anoint me!

There’s insurmountable difficulty in
Trying to catch your breath
And you wonder at any moment
This too might be your death

I long for a time when life represents total peace
Sitting on my verandah touched by the sun
Without trouble, care and just have fun
Sipping an ice cold lemonade on a wonderful hot day
With a cool breeze of air, and whatever comes may

So what does a sister of color do
When she is confronted
By situations, people, places and things
Where she is not sure and ungrounded
And her feet they are stuck in glue?

Breathing, meditation and an occasional walk
Often help to clear
A mind eye, general malaise
And even an upset stomach
Who continues to balk

I have no surefooted answers
To this particular conundrum
Which have confronted the like
Or erudite and famous masters (both she and he)
My goodness if only I could run faster!

Lorna J Hines

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