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Lorna's heartfelt notes March 1, 2018 Lorna J. Hines

Dear Friends:

I recently wrote a Facebook post this week, which is worth repeating-feeling blessed this morning after a prolonged illness. This has been a significant shift in my consciousness in comparison with other more recent times when I have succumb to illness. I am not certain you will agree however when confronted with a new set of symptoms which given my medical background, I often suspect the worst though pray for a simple illness. There is often a sense that the illness will assume a prominence in my life and experience. Like many, there is so much I want to do despite the fact I approach my senior years.

I have been trying to think about what changed for me in this recent experience. I asked myself several times what made my way of conceiving different? Throughout my pain, fever, at times inability to sleep, wheezing, coughing, relentlessly, I had a sense of optimism. This feeling permeated by mind that these symptoms were treatable and that it was essential that I not fear the disease.
I realize this all may sound simplistic however I wonder for those who will take the time to read these meanderings, how many times have you fallen into a sea of despair when your symptoms were given a name that frightened you?

So perhaps, and I say perhaps, the key is to reframe our minds to think, perceive and identify things that we wish-concepts that are self-affirming, optimistic and remind us disease is not who we are. So there is inner work we must to do to evolve and sustain.

And so my gratitude was such that I felt I had received a gift. Perhaps in part I also gave myself a gift as well. All food for thought you may wish to consider.

I will continue however to share part of my earning with our Spirit Children at the orphanage in Ghana. I do this in gratitude for the healing I received both from Spirit and so many of you.

I soon will publish my list and proposed dates for online courses:

• Real Mediums Speak From Their Hearts
• Opportunities for Mediums and Psychics to Strengthen Their Professional Muscle: Understanding Mental Health and Substance Abuse
• Exploring Our Soul’s historical and cultural context: seeking an expansion of our mediumship and healing

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